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As a supplier of raw materials, we are aware that we are an important link in the food chain. We therefore go to great lengths to ensure that the products we supply are safe.

Vanden Avenne Commodities thus strives to guarantee optimal quality. First of all, the minimum requirements of laws and regulations must be met. In addition, the company must comply with ISO and GMP, HACCP requirements that it has set itself.
Vanden Avenne Commodities also has its own track & trace system, which enables it to respond rapidly and accurately to any problems that may occur in the food chain. In addition, tailor-made solutions are offered for quality assured products (e.g. GMO-free raw materials).

Suppliers and producers of raw materials not only have to comply with the generic GMP/HACCP accepted quality assurance systems, but are also carefully selected on the basis of additional criteria and customer requirements. Regular visits to suppliers and audits are an essential part of this.
Increasing the sustainability of the raw material flows is an integral part of our policy. Thus, raw materials can be supplied in compliance with the RTRS Proterra Cert ID scheme, as can sustainably certified raw materials for the production of biofuels (RED).

We only entrust the storage of our raw materials to certified storage and transfer companies, who particularly focus on following up the condition of the goods, hygiene, pest control and optimal stock control. These suppliers also undergo regular audits by our quality team.

Vanden Avenne Commodities actively works towards this in trade associations, consultation platforms and other organisations, in order to keep its finger on the pulse with regard to food safety, nutrition and sustainability, as well as the specific wishes of its customers. This forms an integral part of the company’s quality policy.