About Vanden Avenne

Vanden Avenne Commodities is a family firm, active in various different segments of the agro-industry.

The firm’s core business is the trading and distribution of vegetable raw materials.

  • Vanden Avenne Commodities supplies vegetable raw materials to the feed, food and biofuel industries.
  • The company offers a wide range of raw materials.
  • Our customers can purchase goods that are already in stock, and can also forward buy, using forward price setting, fixed prices or even options.
  • Our team closely follows the market and advises the customer. A tailor-made, personalised purchasing strategy can be worked out with the customer.
  • Customised logistics solutions are offered according to customers’ needs: raw materials are delivered to the customer’s production sites just–in–time by lighter barge or lorry, or are made available to the customer at storage sites.
  • A comprehensive monitoring and quality system ensures that the raw materials supplied are fully traceable, and allows their quality and condition to be monitored.

The family is also active in the storage and transhipment of agricultural raw materials and in the production of biofuels.

History of Vanden Avenne

The history of the Vanden Avenne family firm dates back to 1889. Great-grandfather Zéno Vanden Avenne began a flourishing trade in agricultural raw materials in Ooigem beside the Roeselare-Leie canal. Zéno Vanden Avenne had 10 children, whose descendants are currently engaged in the trading and storage of cattle feed raw materials, (Vanden Avenne Group Izegem), the production of cattle feed (Vanden Avenne Ooigem) and numerous other industrial activities.
Xavier Van den Avenne, who heads up Vanden Avenne Commodities, is now the fourth generation of the family at the helm.

Vanden Avenne today

Distribution of around 2.5 million tonnes of agricultural raw materials per year, representing a turnover of over 600 million euro.
Key markets are: Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain.
Countries from which the raw materials are imported include Brazil, Argentina, the United States, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine and the EU.

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