We trade high-quality raw materials with these industries: Feed, Food, Fuel

Vanden Avenne Commodities has extensive market knowledge and a valuable information network. Our experienced trading team can always be relied upon to translate this knowledge and information into sound advice. And our individualised recommendations are always tailored to your specific purchasing profile. A good purchasing policy can ultimately make the difference between profit and loss.

Standard offering:


Since 1889, Vanden Avenne Commodities has been a supplier to the animal feed sector and over the years has grown to become a highly professional partner.

We always supply raw materials in accordance with our clients’ wishes:

  • just in time
  • by barge, by lorry or made available at one of our storage sites.


Vanden Avenne Commodities is a trusted partner for:

  • the DELIVERY of high-quality raw materials 
    • to the mill sector,
    • to the starch industry
    • to other food sectors
  • the PURCHAsING of by-products from the food industry.

We always work just in time and in accordance with agreements made.


Vanden Avenne Commodities collaborates closely with the biofuel industry

  • for the DELIVERY of raw materials (grains) 
  • for the PURCHASE of by-products (DDGS and rapeseed meal).

We have built up in-depth expertise in this sector and advise the industry on its risk management. The Vanden Avenne Group is also active in the production of biofuels through a joint venture with Alco Group.


DDGS Proticorn is a by-product of bio-refineries Alco Bio Fuel (North Sea Port, BE) & Alco Energy Rotterdam (Europoort, NL).

For more information about this protein and fat-rich product: click on this link DDGS Proticorn.