A challenging FUTURE built on a solid HISTORY

The history of the Vanden Avenne family firm goes back to 1889, when Zéno Vanden Avenne started a flourishing trade beside the Roeselare-Leie canal in Ooigem.

Zéno Vanden Avenne had ten children, whose descendants are now involved in the trade and storage of animal feed raw materials (Vanden Avenne Group Commodities), the production of animal feeds (Vanden Avenne Ooigem), and numerous other industrial activities.

The fourth & fifth generation are at the helm today at Vanden Avenne. Xavier Van den Avenne retains the overview as CEO of Group Vanden Avenne Commodities, while Karel Vandermeersch focuses on the trading activities as Managing Director of Vanden Avenne Commodities.


Acquisition of Abengoa Rotterdam

New start under the new name Alco Energy Rotterdam, a bioethanol producer with a capacity of 480,000 m3, in a joint venture with Alco Group.

Sale of Bioro

Sale of shareholding in Bioro to joint venture partner Cargill


Farm in Romania

Start up of farm in Dolj County, Romania. Farming 4000 ha of land with crops such as maize, wheat, barley, oil seed rape, sunflowers, peas and soya beans.


Move and name change

Move of administration from Izegem to Kortrijk and change of name from Vanden Avenne Izegem nv to Vanden Avenne Commodities nv.


Launch of Briz Coffee

Launch of Briz Coffee, a joint venture in the coffee trade.


Launch of Alco Bio Fuel

Launch of Alco Bio Fuel, a bioethanol producer with a capacity of 240,000 m3, in a joint venture with Alco Group, AVEVE and Wal.Agri.


Launch of Bioro

Launch of Bioro, a biodiesel producer with a current capacity of 350,000 tons, in a joint venture with Cargill and Biodiesel Holding.


Sale of Voeders Lauwers

Sale of the compound feed business Voeders Lauwers to Franson nv, and sale of the pig business to the Danis group.


Family takeover

Family takeover by Xavier & Bernadette, two descendants of the Vanden Avenne family.


Takeover of GGT by Euro-Silo

Euro-Silo takes over Ghent Grain Terminal (GGT) in the Port of Ghent.


Takeover of Voeders Lauwers nv

Takeover of the animal feed company Voeders Lauwers nv.


Euro-Silo nv

Creation of Euro-Silo nv, a storage and transhipment firm in the Port of Ghent.



Division between the branch of the family in Izegem (trade) and the branch in Ooigem (animal feed producer).



Foundation of what is now Vanden Avenne Commodities by Medard Vanden Avenne, a son of Zéno.